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Dedicated to Providing the Best Home Care and Support.

Providing You with support at Home.


We pride ourselves on offering our clients a comprehensive service. Our Personal Assistants are here to support your needs and maintain your independence.


Phoenix Care is a CQC Registered Care Agency with a difference.  Phoenix came about because we want to make personalised, team-based support available to everyone who values consistency and familiarity in the way their support is delivered. 

In our ten years of supporting people to set up home support arrangements in Bath & NE Somerset, we have found that what people don't like is constantly changing carers. Excellent support is best achieved with a small, unchanging group of Personal Assistants (PAs) who you can get to know over time, and who can get to know you. 

Our approach delivers care and support in a way that contrasts with what many people experience with home care, and we are proud to be a little different. 


Phoenix provides the following services to client's in their own home:


  • Personal Care/Medication Support

  • Domestic Support 

  • Social outings

  • Support with shopping

  • Support with medical appointments

  • Live in Care

Dedicated Team

You're support team would be made up of the following


  • Small number of Personal Assistants

  • Key Worker

  • Area Coordinator

What do people say about us?


Tom and the team

Tom and the team, Donna, Nigel, Michele and Jackie, provided a very high level of care that with out doubt meant my Mum's last few months were spent as comfortable and pain free as possible. There was a nothings to difficult attitude and the care provided surpassed out expectations. I would certainly recommend Phoenix Care

Date of review: 27 November 2023

The Phoenix

We have now enjoyed around five years of Phoenix Care, and I do mean 'enjoyed', for we have made some very caring friends in that period. They are becoming part of our family, being so helpful and caring for my wife. Rosters are always filled eventually and I can think of only one occasion in those five years when we haven't had a carer. Tom and his crew do a great job in running this operation efficiently and in a very friendly manner. We have never regretted choosimg Phoenix and have encountered many really lovely people along the way.

Date of review: 07 November 2023

Phoenix Care - our experience

Phoenix care have been the care providers for my father for the last two and a half years. We had a lovely, caring, professional team that went above and beyond to look after my dad and also to help my brother and I with his care. The whole team were caring, attentive and really understanding of his care needs. Pheonix care as a care provider were so supportive to us as a family navigating us through some very difficult times, losing our mother and the very painful decision to get dad into full time care. They did their utmost to support us. I can’t thank them enough for all their support and understanding.

Date of review: 11 August 2022

Five Star!!!

Five Star!!!
From the moment I first spoke to the office to enquire about care for my elderly father, the help and kindness was forthcoming from everyone I dealt with. The carers that subsequently looked after my father could not have been kinder and looked after him so well, remaining professional at all times. I will always be grateful that Carine may well have saved my fathers life as he had a stroke and she stayed with him until the paramedics arrived. She was a star. 
It was a pleasure to deal with Phoenix Care.

Date of review: 08 May 2022

Thankyou Phoenix

I look after my wife who is bed-bound. Over the past 18 months Phoenix have provided three care visits per week. They have also arranged twice daily visits when I wanted to go away for a week. The carers have always been reliable, friendly and done a good job, reducing the burden on me.

Date of review: 07 November 2023

Phoenix Care has been attending us post hospital stay

Phoenix Care has been attending us for 3 weeks, to wash, dress and care for my husband 2 to 4 times a day, when he came home from hospital. The carers are all very reliable, positive and adaptable. (My husband's physical state has varied, as has his mood.) He has often enjoyed their company and I have really appreciated their help and support.

Date of review: 05 April 2021

What the CQC says about us

Staffing and Recruitment

People told us staff arrived on time and stayed for their allocated period. People were happy with the care provided by staff. One person told us "They come in confident in what they are doing and are especially good with personal care". Another person described staff as, "Absolutely great, experienced, and supportive."

We sought feedback from external professionals as part of the inspection. One professional told us "They seem to recruit very good carers" and, "[Staff] are engaged, tolerant, creative and forgiving, as well as being aware of risks and how to mitigate them."

People and their relatives told us they were safe. One relative told us "Yes, I do feel she is safe with [staff], I have no reason to think otherwise. There have been no issues. [Staff] are pleasant and [person] has never said anything negative about [staff]".

Assessing risk, safety monitoring and management

People and their relatives told us they were safe. One relative told us "Yes, I do feel she is safe with [staff], I have no reason to think otherwise. There have been no issues. [Staff] are pleasant and [person] has never said anything negative about [staff]".

Risks assessments for people were detailed and information was transferred over to peoples' care and support plans on how to reduce these risks. ●


Each person had a key worker and a small team of staff to support them regularly, most of the time. This meant staff knew people well and how to support them safely. One relative told us "It's a consistent group of [staff] between 4 and 5. As [person] has [health condition] it helps, as [person] may not remember names but [staff] have a routine and know [person's] needs".


People and their relatives told us they were safe and had no concerns. One person told us staff had helped build their confidence

Better Care Starts with You!
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