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New Starter Forms

Please complete the following forms so that you can get started and paid as soon as possible!

You will also find a link to the PASS app- this is used for logging in to client visits and recording your notes and everything client related.

And a link to the QCS app- this contains the staff handbook and all Phoenix Policies and Procedures.

Piggy Bank

Payroll enrolment

Use this form to add you bank details so you can get paid!

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Please download the PASS App. This is the digital system we use to record client care logs and care plans- You'll find these on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store


Your Availability 

Please accurately add your availability. This will be used to set up your new shift pattern

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Please download the QCS App. This is where the staff handbook can be found, along side all Phoenix's Policies and Procedures-You'll find these on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store

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Additional Data


Please add your additional personal information here, so we can add it to the workforce data set

Man on the Phone

Communication is Key!

Click here to read our communication protocol. This details the numbers you need and who to call when.

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