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About Phoenix Care


We originally supported residents of Bath & NE Somerset to set up and run their own Self-Managed Care Packages which is when individuals employ their own Personal Assistants to meet their needs in ways that give them more flexibility and control over their care arrangements. We now cover a much larger area in Bath, Radstock and Midsomer Norton.

We at Phoenix have developed a system in which a Client's care team is personalised for them. Carers will be matched to the Client's based on their unique skillset as well as their personality, to ensure that not only will the Client's needs be well looked after, but they will be matched with people who they can get along with on a personal level.

These teams will be ran by our capable Team Leaders, most of whom have decades of experience under their belt, to ensure that the care you receive will be of the highest quality. The teams will be comprised of a core of regular staff members, allowing the Client to make a more personal relationship with them, and reduce any anxieties they may experience about having strangers in their home.

Fortunately, as Phoenix Care, we are now able to deliver the same kind of personalised support enjoyed by people with Self Managed Care Packages but delivered with the ease, convenience and peace of mind you can expect from a fully compliant Care Quality Commission Registered Care Agency.

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