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Shift Commandments

Almost all disagreements amongst staff within Phoenix relate to the allocation of shifts.

To keep the peace, all staff must endeavour to abide but the following rules. 

1) Any permanent shift that has been allocated to a staff member is primarily their responsibility to ensure cover for . Please keep the Area Coordinator or On Call in the loop about any arrangements that you manage to make for cover. If you can't find cover within the team, let the Area Coordinator or On Call know and they can look outside for an appropriate person

2) Staff are at liberty to swap their shifts with other members of the same team for convenience sake, but should always inform the Area Coordinator or Office, who will update CP

3) Shifts that require cover will be given to the first person who says they can do that shift on the team chat

4) No one should make changes to the roster of teams that they are not the Area Coordinator or On Call for without first checking with the relevant Area Coordinator or office.

5) Permanent shifts should never be removed from a member of staff without first discussing this with them. Permanent shifts should only be removed if 

  • the staff member wants to give them up

  • an issue has arisen which has rendered them unsuitable for continuing in that shift   

It is essential that these rules of consideration are followed whenever shift changes are made because otherwise an enormous amount of confusion and annoyance will inevitably follow.

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